Working at Pakt

People at PAKT have a passion for film and photography. We are ambitious: we always strive to be distinctive within the vast amount of content that is created everyday. We make films together. Together in a team and together with our clients. We challenge ourselves and everyone’s input is important. We believe that this is only possible if your working environment is safe and respectful. 

In the spirit of our core value: ‘together’, we firmly believe the best global content can only be created by an inclusive, diverse, and global team. That’s why we actively look for likeminded people at all levels to make PAKT stronger and better.

@PAKT we create quality content at scale. Being true producers at heart PAKT aims to produce great content for everyone. That’s why we feel it’s imperative to give every member of our audiences the chance to feel included when watching. This can only be achieved by a talented and diverse team of creators, crew and cast, supported by an inclusive and diverse organization. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company. Building upon inclusion we are fully committed to creating a diverse talent pool within the organization. 

@PAKT we work in  Northern  Europe in highly specialized teams. Working together and cross-functionally on Multi-asset content campaigns, we can accomplish more and reach further. We feel comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels. @PAKT we offer lots of possibilities in training and courses and we always aim to make contracts fit your lifestyle.